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Louie Nassis adding the famous flavors

mobile bbq catering sydney

Showing off our gallery of BBQ spits and providing fresh food has been the success of LN Catering. Our BBQ spit catering service is the guaranteed winner, and it could the winner at your next function!


LN Catering on-site service is an ideal solution for people hosting an event of more than 30 people. We have catered for birthday parties, christenings, corporate functions, sporting events and Christmas parties.


The advantage of having food catered on site is that your guests will have full visibility on the food preparation, and enjoy the taste as soon as the meals are ready.


At LN Catering, we do not pre-cook our spit roasts off-site and deliver. Meats are delivered in esky's to remain cool, and we assemble our spit roasts on site. 




On-Site catering is everyone's preference. In order to set up our spit roast catering equipment, a minimum of 2 staff members is required to attend all functions due to the heavy lifting involved.


Our spit roast catering staff will require a level surface and a minimum area of 3 x 6 meters to work with.


Please inform our customer service team if your premises is not level, or has stairs and if the site is small. We will arrange an appointment to inspect your site to determine if we can achieve results. 




Our Greek-style BBQ spit, also known as the Kontosouvli, is the most popular item on the menu. Your guests will be entertained with the sight of our rotisserie spinning and cooking.


Extending our menu with more, we have also included the Greek-influenced lamb on the spit. All marinated in their authentic unique homemade flavors and cooked over fiery charcoal. The smell of the aromas is a tease, and this will make your mouth water.


LN Catering is famous for its BBQ Spit Catering in Sydney.